“Walking is man’s best medicine.”
Hippocrates (ca. 460 – 370 B.C.), Greek physician, “Father of medicine”

Podopostural Therapy

The doctrine of staying upright through our feet derived from the Greek word “pous”, “podόs” – foot – and posture.

Our feet connect us with the ground. They bear our whole body weight all of our lives. They influence our ability to stand upright through their connection with the spinal column, joints and muscle groups – right up to our heads.

According to the principles of podopostural therapy, many functional disorders in the musculoskeletal system start in the feet.

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In the 1970s, the proprioceptive neuromuscular insole was developed by Prof. René Bourdiol in France and expanded and modified by Prof. Karel Breukhoven of the Netherlands.

In the 1980s, Wolfgang P. Schallmey brought neuro-physiological therapy soles to Germany, where he founded the first teaching institute for podopostural therapy in the 1990s together with Ina ter Harmsel.
According to Prof.Breukhoven, podopostural therapy is a form of treatment that examines the correlations between the foot muscles and posture and treats disorders with a removable shoe insole, the podosohle®.
First of all, the therapist examines the patient’s feet and posture to gain an idea of their symptoms. After that, prints are made while walking and, for certain illnesses, while standing with the help of a podograph (device for taking an imprint of the foot).

Subsequently, the therapist examines the feet using a so-called podoscope (mirror box) to evaluate the pressure areas of the foot in relation to muscle tension and freedom of movement.

In a third step, small, 1-2 mm thick elements are placed under the foot at certain points to influence muscle sensors. The body registers the change immediately and reacts by correcting its static posture directly via the muscle chains from the soles of the foot to the head.

Based on these measurements, a removable shoe insole is made that is usually considerably thinner than an orthopaedic insole, and is an active part of holistic therapy based on the feet. Patients generally wear the podosohle® for 2-4 years.

The therapy insole that is individually tailored to your foot and body.

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