Neuro-Functional Integration

Neurofunctional Intergration, Palatini, Heiligenberg, Lake Constance

“...The roots of a local disorder can be found in the overall organism, which forms a psychophysical, physical and spiritual entity. For this reason, every symptom is significant to identify the disorder and eliminate it …”
Dr. Alfonso Palatini, MD

Neuro-Functional Integration

Neuro-Functional Integration was essentially developed by Dr. Philip Eckardt based on the Neurological Integration System (NIS).

NIS was established in 1989 by osteopath Dr. A. K. Phillips of New Zealand.

After many years of intensive research on the diagnostic and therapeutic significance of the central nervous system (brain) in connection with all organs, muscles and tissues in the body, he developed a method that combined acupuncture theory, osteopathy and neuroscience: the Neurological Integration System NIS.

Neuro-Functional Integration and the Neurological Integration System are tailored to each individual patient and are suitable for all ages.

Both systems view the body as an integrated functional unit and specifically take into account the body’s system that is responsible for integrated function – the nervous system.

Neurofunctinal Integration, Palatini, Heiligenberg

Paolo Palatini
Practice for Osteopathy / Naturopathy
Zum Mühlöschle 12
88633 Heiligenberg
Tel. 07554 986 4922

How to get there By public transport:

Bus 7379 from Überlingen dirction Heiligenberg (ca. 40 minutes drive).
Leave bus in in Steigen.
Walk down hill in direction of the houses.
After about 300 m turn left into Mühlenweg,
after 20m left again in 'Zum Mühlöschle'

The house No. 12 is on the right

By car:

From Überlingen to Heiligenberg/Steigen
(see map) Parking in front of the house.


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