Craniosacral Osteopathy

Craniosacral Osteopathy

In the same way as the life force has its own rhythm in the human organism – for example the beating of the heart (ECG), the rhythmic breathing motion of the lungs, brain waves (measurable in an EEG), etc. – a fine, rhythmic movement also runs through human tissue, primarily between the cranium spheres, the spinal cord and the sacral bone. In craniosacral osteopathy, the therapist detects these movements, enabling the patient to regain equilibrium.

Craniosacral, Osteopathy, Paolo Palatini

Paolo Palatini
Practice for Osteopathy / Naturopathy
Zum Mühlöschle 12
88633 Heiligenberg
Tel. 07554 986 4922

How to get there By public transport:

Bus 7379 from Überlingen dirction Heiligenberg
(ca. 40 minutes drive)
leve bus in in Steigen
walking down hill in direction of the houses,
after about 300m turn left into Mühlenweg
after 20m left again in 'Zum Mühlöschle'

The house No. 12 is on the right

By car:

From Überlingen to Heiligenberg/Steigen
(see map) Parking in front of the house.


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